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Can I learn Reiki?

YES! Anyone can learn Reiki, no qualifications are required just the desire to learn, use and work with Reiki.

To be able to channel Reiki a student needs to attend a course and receive attunements in person from a Reiki Master Teacher. Attunements are the gentle ceremonies/processes which connect a student to the source of Reiki and enable them to channel Reiki for themselves and others.

How do I become a Reiki healer?

There are 3 levels or degrees of Reiki.

Each involves the passing of attunements which awaken and amplify our natural healing channel. This encourages the acceleration of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth.

The process is simple and requires very little intellectual capability.

The main criteria is that you should have an honest desire to learn and work with Reiki for your personal greater good and the greater good of the universe.

Reiki is a wonderful healing energy and should not be misused or abused.

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