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Massage helps treat depression and symptoms such as

low self-esteem by boosting wellbeing which improves

mood and assists one to get back on track, boosts the

immune system, stimulates the circulation and the

lymphatic system, increases energy levels and induces

calm in both mind and body, stimulates the

parasympathetic nervous system, relaxes all the

systems of the body, which either shut down or speed

up as a result of stress, and helps with stress related

conditions such as insomnia and headaches.

Aromatherapy Massage

Deep relaxation and bliss which is why aromatherapy is such a unique experience. Pure essential oils are used to make a blend for a massage oil. these oils are personal made to suit your individual needs.

Full body, scalp and face £40.00 60 mins

Back  £25.00 30 mins

Full body and an aromatic facial £70.00 120 mins

Bamboo Eastern Massage

Is a form of a deep tissue massage, gently heated pieces of smooth bamboo are used for kneading tight muscles and rolling out tension, to deliver a fabulous therapeutic and relaxing massage.

Full body £45.00 60 mins

Back  £25.00 30 mins

Deep Tissue Massage

A deeper form of massage which addresses structure s within the muscle and offers relief from pain and increase mobility and flexibility.

Back £25.00 30 mins
Full Body £40.00 60 mins

Hot Stone Massage

Hot basalt stones are incorporated into traditional massage techniques, This direct heat relaxes the muscles, eases stress and enable a deeper more effective massage treatment.                      

Full body £45.00 60 mins

Back £25.00 30 mins

Hot & Cold Stone Massage

This treatment utilizes stones in varying temperatures and sizes. The heat from warm basalt stones penetrates deeply to help loosen and sooth tighten congested muscles. The cool marble stones are used to reduce inflammation; creating a balanced and rejuvenating treatment.

                     Full body including face and scalp£60.00 90 mins

Full body £45.00 60 mins

Back £25.00 30 mins

Indian Head Massage

Treatment is carried out to the upper back, across the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face, Indian Head Massage can improve blood flow to the head and neck, which increases the distribution of nutrients to encourage healing throughout the body. We offer Indian head massage either laid on a couch or seated on a chair.

£30.00 45 mins

Oriental Face Massage

A truly relaxing treatment easing tension, smoothing away lines and increasing elasticity.

It is designed to reduce muscular tension in the face and jaw,  signs of aging and helps rejuvenate the skin, whilst draining away excess tissues fluids, which achieves a fresh and more youthful appearance of the skin. Oriental face massage works on the shoulders/neck/scalp and face.

Provides a stimulating but deeply relaxing face massage.                                                               

Face/neck/shoulders/scalp £35.00 45 mins


Swedish Massage    

Uplifting holistic massage, truly relaxing, easing aches and pains.  Improves blood and lymph circulation and increases energy levels.           

Full body massage £35.00 60 mins

Back massage £25.00 30 mins

Full body with an aromatic facial £65.00 120 mins

Warm Thai Compress Massage

Heated herbal compresses full of natural ingredients work to give a deep and relaxing massage.

Back £25.00 30 mins

Full Body £45.00 60 mins

Full body and face  £60.00 90 mins

Thai Foot Massage

Using Thai foot sticks to stimulate reflex points, includes a foot bath with exfoliation and a therapeutic massage to the legs and feet  for ultimate relaxation and therapeutic healing.

£30.00 45 mins


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