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Here at Tranquil Studios we are committed to providing you with a range of carefully selected natural products to support your individual needs


60% of what you put on your skin is directly absorbed and over the course of a year the average person can absorb up to 2kg of chemicals!! In addition, many synthetic ingredients added to skin care products, such as preservative, parabens, alcohol and petrochemicals, can actually be very drying and harmful to your skin and are the principal cause of allergic reactions to skin care and cosmetic products, it’s therefore particularly important to ensure that any products you use on your skin are are as natural as possible.

Using products that contain natural and organic ingredients can help limit the amounts of toxic chemicals your skin will absorb.

Our range of high quality, exclusively made for you, natural and organic products, not only nourish your skin but are safe, effective and leave your skin feeling and looking fabulous.

Each product will be individually tailored to you skin types and concerns with your choice of fragrance using only the finest natural ingredients with no preservatives or alcohol.

We supply freshly made products that may help with:-

Health Conditions:-

Arthritis, eczema, cold sores, headaches, joint pains and much more.

Body care:-

Body scrubs, body butter, Body lotion, moisturisers and much more.

Face Care:-

Cleansers, toners, exfoliators, face mask, face oils and moisturisers.


Bath Soaks, body creams, body oils, pillow mist and relaxing cd’s


Stretch marks, anti-nausea, relaxing bath soak, labour massage oil and much more

For him:-

Beard oil, shaving creams, facial care, body creams and much more

We also specialise in tailor made products to pamper your hands and feet, as well as a range of products for him which include beard oil, shaving cream, facial care, body creams and much more

Products are made fresh to order, an initial consultation will be required to check products are suitable for your individual needs.

Himalayan salt lamps provide a warm and relaxing glow to any room, but did you know they also cleanse and deodorise the air, help to relieve allergy and asthma symptoms and boost energy levels?


They can even help to improve mood and concentration, enhance sleep and help to alleviate the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).


In addition, today we cannot imagine living and working without the use of many electronic devices, ie. computer monitors, TV’s, tablets, mobile phones, microwave ovens etc. which are a source of very harmful Positive Ions, otherwise known as Electric Smog. The concentration of these Positive Ions deteriorates the condition of the air we breathe in our homes and offices. This in turn affects us all both physically and emotionally.


Himalayan Salt Lamps and Tea Light Holders are known to improve the quality of the air we breathe. They act as air purifiers producing Negative Ions, which in turn are very good for our health.

Here at Tranquil Studios we are passionate about Himalayan Salt and its Benefits, and strive to bring the highest quality products to you for Your Wellness.


There are so many wonderful Health & Wellbeing Benefits associated with having Himalayan Salt Products in your home and by introducing Salt Lamps & Tea Light Holders into your surroundings, so many of the above can be alleviated.


We have a wide range to meet all your Wellbeing needs, and in addition to our beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamps (in various sizes, and styles to suit everyone) we also stock rare white Himalayan lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps

These candles are hand poured, gently infused with essential oils, and made with toxin free natural soy wax and pure cotton wicks.

Made in India, burns for 50 hours

A purchase of these candles helps support families in India

Organic Goodness Candles

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