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Reiki Healing Treatments

Healing has been practiced throughout centuries under many different names and works holistically on the mind body and spirit.

Reiki is a holistic and complementary therapy which offers energy healing. Reiki helps relaxation and helps to relieve stress and tension. Reiki works holistically and may offer benefits to all areas of your life..

Reiki may:

loosen up blocked energy

promote a state of total relaxation

cleanse and balance the flow of energy in the body

support the body's natural ability to heal itself

relieve aches, pains, illness and disease

balance emotions and may help us let go of deep emotional patterns and ties

promote emotional healing

promote spiritual healing

Reiki treats on all levels, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. It can be equally effective for pain relief as for dealing with stress and trauma, or psycho-spiritual difficulties such as times when one may feel lost or ungrounded.

Full Reiki Treatment   60 - 70 minutes £35

Reiki Energising Treatment  30 minutes £20


Maxine Chambers Reiki Master /Teacher

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